SEED Protocol LLC is a transatlantic startup developing in the USA and Europe in parallel. We share common goals while embracing geopolitical differences in the evolution of data security policies and laws.

Our Origin

The SEED Protocol came to life when the CEO of a mid-size health system challenged Reid to design a better solution for health information exchange. Starting with a blank piece of paper, Tom designed the Secure Exchange of Encrypted Data Protocol. The SEED Protocol’s expansive intellectual property provides robust protection, including 140+ claims across three issued and one pending U.S. patents. We recently partnered to develop and commercialize Beacon, an intuitive, web-based application helping children overcome emotional and behavioral problems affecting their educational attainment and social lives. Beacon guides educators, intervention specialists, and school-based mental health professionals in the selection and implementation of evidence-based interventions.

Our Leadership

Our Locations

United States
340 W. State Street Athens, Ohio  45701 +1 855-273-4883
United Kingdom
9-11 Vittoria Street Birmingham, West Midlands, B1 3ND +44 7785 264 957